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All About Bret Jacobs - Storyteller

Artistic Statement - 

Bret Jacobs is an aspiring artist from the small Indigenous community Calling Lake located in Northern Alberta, he now resides in Edmonton Alberta. Bret is a graduate from Red Deer College with a diploma in Theatre Performance and Creation and an applied degree in Motion Picture Arts. Some of Bret's artistic goals include bringing the stories of people with similar experiences to the forefront: whether they are tragic or comedic.

The values that Bret encompasses are those that fall in line with his indigenous heritage/ culture. Storytelling being the main principle that he strives for in his day to day professional life.Through his own discovery of his indigenous culture Bret does believe in principles that encompass the values of indigenous culture: Courage, Generosity, Tolerance, Strength of character, Patience, Humility, and Wisdom. Bret believes without understanding these teachings one cannot truly appreciate the art of and storytelling aspect when it comes to Theatre. Bret is also a big supporter when it comes to education whether it be academic or cultural, one can always keep striving to learn no matter age. 

Bret Acknowledges and honours that we are on Treaty 6 territory, the original home of the Indigenous nations of the Cree, Nakota-Sioux, Blackfoot, Dene-Tsuu T’ina, and Métis.

Past Work

Every show I am apart of I am apart of I cherish the journey of discoveries I find in each role.

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